What in the heckinbob is a Mood Board and what does it have to do with clothes?!

What in the heckinbob is a Mood Board and what does it have to do with clothes?!

Hi! I am Megan, wild lady behind the brand, and I have a brain that does not stop moving. 

I was brainstorming on ways to set my brand apart and give even more meaning behind my pieces. I originally was going to use color schemes (a thought as I was looking at color schemes for branding) but as I was chatting with a good friend that is also my personal trainer, she mentioned what about mood boards? 

I was like, what in the what is that? She explained and I was still confused but then went to google. It sounds way more complex than it actually is. 

Example here: 

Notice the colors, vibe and themes.

It is probably most commonly known for being used on Pinterest, but creating a collage on anything will do. I created my first mood board by simply scrolling my homepage and searching a feeling or theme occasionally. I, of course, knew I would be using this for a launch so there was a little bias there. 

I know my mood board is a bit everywhere but thankfully it's not graded. That is who I am though, everywhere. My brain and thoughts go everywhere. As I continue, I'm hopeful they will get a bit more cohesive. 

How I knew to add the pins to my first mood board: Anything that inspired me at that time in day or week, the colors that stuck out to me, the hobbies that I was inspired to take hold of (e.g. reading) , am doing or love, fonts, descriptive (e.g. mom), outfit inspo, etc! Literally anything you want it to be. It just gives you a vibe or gives you a specific feeling. 

I then scrolled through the mood board I had created and chose elements of it that stuck out to me along with what worked with the resources that was available to me. Some elements I missed out on this go around but wanted to use will come maybe next round! 

Some elements that stuck out to me: 

Early creation process from those elements: 

You do not have to understand or even like the mood board idea to love and appreciate these pieces, it just gives them more life and meaning! 

Inspo --> Pieces

 See my full mood board here: https://www.pinterest.com/megansip/mood-board-1/?invite_code=0624848a8602444d9ac9606eda4e25f5&sender=144889450420241367

Do you see the vision? See you at launch!




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